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February 11, 2006 by qrush
We barely managed to crunch enough spare time into our education-filled lives to record this! It took a major feat of staying up uber-late to get it done, actually only finishing last night. I've been editing all day!

We rant on about how DesktopX is marketed and about some of its competitors. We also get some talk in about a cool WB skin, some Winamp stuff, as well as an awesome IconPackage. SkinArtistry is getting closed down and someone HACKS it! Why?! Add in some senseless rambling on wa...
January 28, 2006 by qrush
Justin, Nick, and all of their ranting goodness are back for a second round with PowerUser.TV: Under The Skin Episode 5. Covered topics this session include...
SkinArtistry closing down Winter Contests from SkinBase and Skinning.net SoundPackager! What will it be like? Plenty of skins including Geyorkias, Battlefield 2, and more! Member submitted questions! Submit your own for next episode when I make the post!
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January 13, 2006 by qrush
UnderTheSkin is back...with a vengance and with new hosts!

After a nearly three month hiatus, DoctorNick and CerebroJD (otherwise known as Nick Quaranto and Justin Dowell) have stepped up to the plate and are the new hosts of the UnderTheSkin podcast. The infamous Paul Boyer (Mormegil) joins us to pass the torch and rant about skins as well.

In this episode we discuss the upcoming GUI Championships and what the third contest might have in store for the skinning community. New wizops and s...
August 12, 2005 by qrush
This is going to be the start of a regular segment for the forum, Can Ya Digg It!, which will feature the most humorous link or two that I can find out on Digg, BoingBoing, or any other similar site. Right now I'm planning on publishing a Digg It two or three times a week, and that will vary on the amount of fresh content that becomes available to me. Have a nutty link that you think could make a few people laugh or actually might be of some productive use? (For the latter case, it better be ver...
August 8, 2005 by qrush
'cuse me while I whip this out...*AHHH!* [/Blazing Saddles]

Yes folks, I'm the new moderator of the Internet forum. What's in store? A lot of new conversation topics and some definite fun ones as well. I'm going to have some tutorials in the works so WinCustomize users can learn how to get more out of their site and their subscriptions...I think a Firefox tutorial will be in store first, for beginners and powerusers who want to beef up and trick out their browser. If you ever see any intere...
April 14, 2004 by qrush
Start Transmission: 11:34 pm

Well, I worked a little magic and got the Win 95/98 based Palm Desktop up and running. Actually the magic worked itself, but it don't matta no mo'. During the install it gave me the option to use Outlook instead, but I avoided that because I only use it for emails, and 90% of them are virus ridden. Blasted Adelphia. From there I loaded up a ton of games on it, and I went off to Google to find "Dope Wars," a rather entertaining game which involves lots of drug dea...
April 13, 2004 by qrush
Start Transmission: 11:27 pm

I sat reading Huck Finn tonight, and I started to ponder about the purpose of the organization of my daily tasks which I am supposed to do. I rarely am able to follow any schedule, I'd rather play my day out by a few set tasks istead of a rigid timeslotted events. Heck, I can't even keep a blog of my own updated. On the blog issue, it may be my mnd putting an end to activities it sees that have no realized end, but I certainly enjoy it.

So tonight I came to a...
March 23, 2004 by qrush
Well life is getting better. I'm still patching up holes from the huge trouble I got into at school. I don't really want to talk about it, but I will diverge the fact that I have to apologize to the people involved. I'm VERY glad that I immediately took responsibility of my actions and sought out a solution immediately to them. Although it was quite a large error on my fault, at least I had the courage to take responsibility of my part in the situation.

Anywho, I talked to 4 of the people i...
March 22, 2004 by qrush
With most communities "The Noob Factor" really hurts the community. For most forums, there's a bunch of dedicated and devoted members, and those on the outside. Usually those on the outside have frequent "FLAMING WARS!" while the other members yell, scream, etc. Normally on most boards this action is apparent on the first few pages of the boards.

Here however...it's different. Most teenagers have a problem with the English language. That is, they don't have the patience to write it. Where ...
March 21, 2004 by qrush
I've got that song stuck in my head. And no, that is NOT a reference to some movie. That should really be title of my blog.

Anywho, a bit about moiself (with totally unnecessary addendums)

Name: Nick Quaranto (Quaranto means 40 in Italian!)
Alias: DoctorNick (For the first and only time, I am NOT a doctor. I'll get around to explaining the Doctor later)
Age: 16 (11/13/87)
Location: North Tonawanda, NY (In between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. That's all you really have to remember)

I go...
March 21, 2004 by qrush
Hey everyone! I'm DoctorNick, aka Nick Quaranto. Over at WinCust I'm active, although I haven't been on the IRC in ages. Anyhow I've hopped over here for a bit.

To get the noob out of me: how do I start a blog site? I have my own webspace, I just would like to know why there's not a huge "START YOUR OWN BLOG HERE" button, etc. I'll take a stab that I have to post in the forums. Can anyone help a precious nub? Thanks!