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Nub, Noobie, Newbie, etc, et al
Published on March 22, 2004 By qrush In Just Hanging Out
With most communities "The Noob Factor" really hurts the community. For most forums, there's a bunch of dedicated and devoted members, and those on the outside. Usually those on the outside have frequent "FLAMING WARS!" while the other members yell, scream, etc. Normally on most boards this action is apparent on the first few pages of the boards.

Here however...it's different. Most teenagers have a problem with the English language. That is, they don't have the patience to write it. Where do you think the l33t language came from? Lazy kids at college, and then hyperactive and bored teenagers. Ellen DeGeneres would call this "TBD," or Too Busy Disorder. (Please don't discount me from this...I'm procrastinating this very minute) Anywho, at JU, it seems to be different. Yes, I've been here for 2 days now, and I nothing against being called a noob.

The ranking system here is something I've never seen in my time on the net...a CONSTRUCTIVE ranking system. At other sites such as NewGrounds, the ranking system is based on crappy Flash movies. If it's not a masterpiece, it's Blammed. I participated in the Blamfest, and I eventually quit because that got boring...and stupid too. However, here, it's different. Based articles solely on their status as Inetersting, Insightful, or Trolling, although it may be limited, provides a great outlet for new writers (Moi) and constant constructive criticism. Obviously if someone is being a jackass (Excuse my french) the general community will let the person know.

I'm just happy I found a community that is actually interesting and whose sole purpose is to promote intellgence...not ownage or humiliation.

Until next time!

~] Nick [~

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