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Written 4/13/04
Published on April 14, 2004 By qrush In Life Journals
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Well, I worked a little magic and got the Win 95/98 based Palm Desktop up and running. Actually the magic worked itself, but it don't matta no mo'. During the install it gave me the option to use Outlook instead, but I avoided that because I only use it for emails, and 90% of them are virus ridden. Blasted Adelphia. From there I loaded up a ton of games on it, and I went off to Google to find "Dope Wars," a rather entertaining game which involves lots of drug dealing in the NYC area. I'll have to add a review of my Palm games to my think tank, that ought o be fun.

Wow. I just realized my Palm is an hour behind. I'll have to fix that...

On the more topical note, I'll discuss my enlightening moment of the day. A fight erupted between my brother and I about me blasting Journey on my TV. Hey, I was skinning G-Pod in ObjectBar, I needed music but my laptop would probably go into conniptions if Winamp, Photohop, and SkinStudio were all running simultaneously. The ensuing brawl led to a broken snowglobe from Disney World, my good shirt being ripped (to which I said "Shirt rippah!" a la Kung Pow), and he left it with a nasty bruise near his eyebrow from my elbow. No, my bro and I don't get into fights very often, it's just that we've get at odds with each other recently for god knows what.

One thing I must learn to do is control my anger. It's a tough thing to do when you feel like crap from a vold and a headache, and this rain really saps the energy out of me. Look where the fighting got me: a torn p shirt and a floor full of odd glitter, shards of glass, strange smelling chemicals (no water in those snowglobes, I doubt it's toxic, but the smell was quite rancid), and Mickey decapitated and cut in half.

Tomorrow will be brighter hopefully. I'm well on my way to finishing Huck Finn, GANT2 will be in the Top Downloads once again, and I'll delve deeper into my G-Pod OB.

'Night...after I play some games.


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