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Published on March 21, 2004 By qrush In Welcome
I've got that song stuck in my head. And no, that is NOT a reference to some movie. That should really be title of my blog.

Anywho, a bit about moiself (with totally unnecessary addendums)

Name: Nick Quaranto (Quaranto means 40 in Italian!)
Alias: DoctorNick (For the first and only time, I am NOT a doctor. I'll get around to explaining the Doctor later)
Age: 16 (11/13/87)
Location: North Tonawanda, NY (In between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. That's all you really have to remember)

I go to a private school in Buffalo, and I'm blessed with a nice home and l33t broadband wireless internet. That shouldn't be a blessing really. In my house it's more of a priviledge. As for brains, I'm smarter than your average Junior in high school, and I'm in a ton of advanced classes. I don't get a lot of free time. The free time I do get is spent playing games. Be on the look for blogs concerning that. I hope I don't sound really arrogant and pompous, as I don't mean it. I'm a nub here, but not at WinCustomize. I have a few ports done over there, nothing really big. Over Easter I'm gonna try to something original for once. I really have to get back on that Stardock IRC soon.

Hopefully this site can be a good outlet for my crazy life and my thoughts about it. One of the normal things I do online is check WinCust daily, so hopefully I can get here too daily. The way this site is integrated with itself blows my mind out of the water. Mayhaps I'll be able to post daily on here. I'm putting off studying for calculus right now, so I am going to get going...unless someone can explain to me how to take the integral of e to the x.

Until next time...

on Mar 21, 2004
welcome aboard Nick... nice to have you
on Mar 21, 2004
agreed. I think you'll fit in nicely.