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qrush's Articles In Welcome
March 21, 2004 by qrush
I've got that song stuck in my head. And no, that is NOT a reference to some movie. That should really be title of my blog.

Anywho, a bit about moiself (with totally unnecessary addendums)

Name: Nick Quaranto (Quaranto means 40 in Italian!)
Alias: DoctorNick (For the first and only time, I am NOT a doctor. I'll get around to explaining the Doctor later)
Age: 16 (11/13/87)
Location: North Tonawanda, NY (In between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. That's all you really have to remember)

I go...
March 21, 2004 by qrush
Hey everyone! I'm DoctorNick, aka Nick Quaranto. Over at WinCust I'm active, although I haven't been on the IRC in ages. Anyhow I've hopped over here for a bit.

To get the noob out of me: how do I start a blog site? I have my own webspace, I just would like to know why there's not a huge "START YOUR OWN BLOG HERE" button, etc. I'll take a stab that I have to post in the forums. Can anyone help a precious nub? Thanks!