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Published on February 22, 2008 By qrush In Blogging

Yes, we didn't forget about those of you who love Windows LiveWriter (WLW) for the new JoeUser, and today I'm going to quickly go over how you can use WLW to publish your blog. Check out my how-to after the jump.

  1. If you haven't already, download it from http://get.live.com/writer/overview and install it.

  2. Once you start it up, it will give you this dialog:

    Choose "Another weblog service" like you see above.

  3. Next up, enter your JU site's address, and your Stardock account information into the appropriate fields:

  4. Next, we're going to select our provider, which is the MetaWeblog API. Choose MetaWeblog API from the dropdown and enter this as the address: https://www.joeuser.com/api/MetaWeblog.axd

  5. WLW may ask you now to detect the style of your JU blog. Currently we don't support this, so if you click "No" when it asks you to check the style, it will save some time.

  6. Click finish, and you should be all set and ready to write!

  7. Here's an example of a post, it's very simple, just write what you'd like, set the category at the bottom, and hit Publish. 

  8. WLW will bring up your blog site, and you should see your article.


Setting up WLW with JoeUser is a breeze! If you prefer to lay out your articles beforehand and save drafts it can be extremely helpful. If you've got any questions or had any issues posting via WLW, leave a comment and we'll help you out.

on Feb 22, 2008

Can't seem to get it to work. It seemed to set up fine and it acts like it's publishing fine, but when it directs me to my blog,no article.