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CerebroJD and DoctorNick interview one of the best skinners, well, ever!
Published on February 25, 2006 By qrush In WinCustomize News
So..... tired...... must..... type....zzzzzzlkjlkjsernhlkeke

Huh?! Oh.

Nick and I are pretty tired. It's finals week for me, and Nick is having looooong days of classes... we're both tired. HOWEVER! We have managed something awesome this week, something REALLY awesome! We have, amazingly, gotten ourselves a guest! Some of you *may* have heard of this skinning genius, and he definately has the touch of gold when it comes to skins. Our guest host, Treetog has graciously taken the time to talk to us about his most recent skin suite (ArtWork), plus, we ask him all about what he puts into a skin, and his thought processes. Good news about LOTS of cool stuff in the show, so have a listen! Take a look at the show notes while you're listening if you can! Thanks for listening in!

on Feb 25, 2006
Rocking cooooool ...
on Feb 25, 2006
Thanks for the feedback guys. Another fine job. Treetog is Da Man. Just finished new sliders.
on Feb 25, 2006
Treetog was an incredibly gracious guest. Many thanks to him for helping with this episode. Lots of fun.
on Feb 27, 2006
very entertaining keept it
on Feb 27, 2006
Thanks guys! And awesome Night Train. I love it when skinners take my suggestions Thanks for listening!
on Feb 28, 2006
I rather enjoyed listening to the interview with treetog. good job guys.
on Mar 02, 2006
oops... i was supposed to post a comment on the other thread! ... damn too many browser windows ... will come back to this one in a few mins ...