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June 26, 2007 by qrush
The future of Internet Radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on July 15 (retroactive to Jan 1, 2006!). Today is the National Day of Silence for many internet radio stations, to remind listeners to take action and tell their representatives how they feel about this.

Please call your congressman/woman today and help save Internet radio by asking them to support the Internet Radio Equality Act! ...
February 25, 2006 by qrush
So..... tired...... must..... type....zzzzzzlkjlkjsernhlkeke

Huh?! Oh.

Nick and I are pretty tired. It's finals week for me, and Nick is having looooong days of classes... we're both tired. HOWEVER! We have managed something awesome this week, something REALLY awesome! We have, amazingly, gotten ourselves a guest! Some of you *may* have heard of this skinning genius, and he definately has the touch of gold when it comes to skins. Our guest host, Treetog has graciously taken the time t...
February 11, 2006 by qrush
We barely managed to crunch enough spare time into our education-filled lives to record this! It took a major feat of staying up uber-late to get it done, actually only finishing last night. I've been editing all day!

We rant on about how DesktopX is marketed and about some of its competitors. We also get some talk in about a cool WB skin, some Winamp stuff, as well as an awesome IconPackage. SkinArtistry is getting closed down and someone HACKS it! Why?! Add in some senseless rambling on wa...
January 13, 2006 by qrush
UnderTheSkin is back...with a vengance and with new hosts!

After a nearly three month hiatus, DoctorNick and CerebroJD (otherwise known as Nick Quaranto and Justin Dowell) have stepped up to the plate and are the new hosts of the UnderTheSkin podcast. The infamous Paul Boyer (Mormegil) joins us to pass the torch and rant about skins as well.

In this episode we discuss the upcoming GUI Championships and what the third contest might have in store for the skinning community. New wizops and s...
January 28, 2006 by qrush
Justin, Nick, and all of their ranting goodness are back for a second round with PowerUser.TV: Under The Skin Episode 5. Covered topics this session include...
SkinArtistry closing down Winter Contests from SkinBase and Skinning.net SoundPackager! What will it be like? Plenty of skins including Geyorkias, Battlefield 2, and more! Member submitted questions! Submit your own for next episode when I make the post!
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