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Written 4/12/04
Published on April 13, 2004 By qrush In Life Journals
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I sat reading Huck Finn tonight, and I started to ponder about the purpose of the organization of my daily tasks which I am supposed to do. I rarely am able to follow any schedule, I'd rather play my day out by a few set tasks istead of a rigid timeslotted events. Heck, I can't even keep a blog of my own updated. On the blog issue, it may be my mnd putting an end to activities it sees that have no realized end, but I certainly enjoy it.

So tonight I came to an enlightened thought, something that occurs rarely in my dim wattage (but high amperage) brain. A while back I picked up a Palm IIIxe. I've sed it on and off over the years, but its battery drainage and connectivity problems led to it fading out of my tunnel vision of a life.

But now, although it's a tad outdated, it has the potential to organize my daily tasks, and provide a portable solution for blogging. If this thng will work with my laptop, I'll be a blog machine. I used to use this as a journal type thing, plus I can type arund the speed my internal CPU is running at midnight, so I'll bet that my little palm nightly blog might work out.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get Palm Desktop running, and addd games and other nonsense to pimp out this old ride. As for other things, I spebt most of the day updating my GANT2 IconPackager theme with great success. When I last checked it had around 12,800 total downloads, and almost 100 for the day. I'm hoping the improved preview pic will put it in the Top 10 Downloads for Tuesday or Wednesday.

*Morning Addition: http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.asp?library=2&SkinID=1116


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on Apr 13, 2004
I got it to work...can ya tell?
on Apr 13, 2004
What a great idea (the palm pilot) DoctorNick....

Mines also been sitting there idle for a year or two.... used it religiously at first, but then it just sort of fell by the wayside. Now, while I'm at work, if inspiration hits me ~it'll be right there.

I appreciate your coming up with the idea.... I'm gonna put mine back in my pocket now when I'm off to work. Thanks!