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Published on March 21, 2004 By qrush In Welcome
Hey everyone! I'm DoctorNick, aka Nick Quaranto. Over at WinCust I'm active, although I haven't been on the IRC in ages. Anyhow I've hopped over here for a bit.

To get the noob out of me: how do I start a blog site? I have my own webspace, I just would like to know why there's not a huge "START YOUR OWN BLOG HERE" button, etc. I'll take a stab that I have to post in the forums. Can anyone help a precious nub? Thanks!

on Mar 21, 2004
Wow. Just as I posted this message "createblog.asp" landed in my lap. Never mind. I can't write anything today, but I'll spill some dirt soon, I promise.
on Mar 21, 2004
Welcome Nick, good to have you here old chap!

Sir Peter Maxwell
on Mar 21, 2004
I'm just curious, is there some sort of JU IRC channel as well in the Stardock server?