Where the doctor offers his skinning advice and frequently voices his rants and raves about our society.
Produced/Edited in record time!
Published on February 11, 2006 By qrush In WinCustomize News
We barely managed to crunch enough spare time into our education-filled lives to record this! It took a major feat of staying up uber-late to get it done, actually only finishing last night. I've been editing all day!

We rant on about how DesktopX is marketed and about some of its competitors. We also get some talk in about a cool WB skin, some Winamp stuff, as well as an awesome IconPackage. SkinArtistry is getting closed down and someone HACKS it! Why?! Add in some senseless rambling on wayyy to many different topics, plus some new music, and you've got an awesome Episode Six!

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PLEASE post here if you listened! Thanks!!
on Feb 11, 2006
Thank you guys for your kind comments and suggestions of my HALO skins, but...unfortunetely, my english is too poor to understand all you sentences
on Feb 11, 2006
Heh, I'll summarize: Your skin is awesome, but the radio buttons and checkboxes aren't really useable...please fix that Please!! I feel like I want to go kill some Elites and waste the Flood with that skin on.
on Feb 11, 2006
You're right! I'll add some orange element to them, thx for your advice and great idea!
on Feb 14, 2006